Is the CFP® exam fee going to be reimbursed if I fail the exam?
No. Students are responsible for applying and paying for the exam on their own. Dalton Education will not reimburse or pay this fee.
If I am on a payment plan, what are the policies if I miss a payment?
Payment plan students sign a promissory note that details payment due dates. Students have a grace period of 10 days to resolve any outstanding payments beyond the due date. Delinquencies beyond 10 days void the guarantee.
Can I take the exam readiness quiz more than once in the same exam cycle?
No, students have one opportunity to take the quiz and must score 70% or above to recieve their money-back option. The exam readiness quiz is given to all Dalton Review® students two weeks prior to the actual CFP® exam.
If I take the exam readiness quiz, score 70% or higher and then for some reason defer taking the CFP® exam, do I need to take the exam readiness quiz again?
Yes, you would need to take the exam readiness quiz a second time and obtain a qualifying score of 70% or greater to recieve the money-back option.
What are the computer system requirements?
It is recommended that students have an operating system Windows 7 or higher or Mac OS 10.6 or higher. Students must be able to run, install, and configure programs and be able to store and retrieve documents and files on their computer. If you are unsure if you have appropriate permissions to save files to your computer, please contact your system administrator.
What are the terms and conditions of this program?
  • Students must provide proof of CFP® exam failure (the CFP® exam diagnostic sheet and pass/fail letter from the CFP Board) within 30 days of the exam results release date.
  • Students must inform Dalton Education in writing within 30 days of the exam results release date whether or not they wish to continue with The Dalton Review® or if they are requesting their money back.
  • Students that choose to continue with The Dalton Review® continue to receive access to The Dalton Review® classes and study materials.
  • Students that choose to request a refund will lose all privileges to the Guarantee to Pass package, including access to all education and review courses and materials.
  • For the Guarantee to Pass package, all education courses must be completed through the live, online format.